Crossover 34UC75, 34" ultrawide g-sync

I’ve had a few Korean panels over the years and looking at the ultrawides and came across this Crossover ultrawide with g-sync. I haven’t paid much attention to monitors for many years since I was happy with my 32" 4k crossover monitor. But I got the itch again and noticed this is 75hz, well 100hz overclocked. But also has free-sync and g-sync. Which I thought had to be a typo. But can’t find anymore information about it online. Has anyone seen or reviewed this monitor that I may have missed.

Its “G-sync Compatible” not full fledged g-sync. Since Nvidia implemented freesync a while ago they’ve started certifying (?) some monitors as g-sync compatible

Tl;dr its free sync with an nvidia sticker on it.

Okay, thanks. I was curious about that.

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