Crossover 34U100 34" 3440x1440 Ultra-Wide Monitor Review (Latency+Colors) | Level One Techs

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~500€ on ebay germany, not bad actually.

I think you forgot to upload the color profile though.

On a sidenote, I’d really be interested in more “mainstream” brand monitor reviews if you could get your hands on some, since it’s kinda hard to get hands on the korean monitors sometimes :confused:

Also what would be the current 1440p models?

You don’t sound as enthusiastic about this one as you do the other!

An overall review of the current state of monitors would be great as it would give me a chance to hold off and save more haha.

Edit : It’s $721.70 on special in Australia atm. It will be ~$1000+ if I don’t pull the trigger now.

Wendell you should do a group buy for space co monitor arm

As for the 40"4k why not run it in PnP and only run on the bottom half, thats what I do. Just need those 40" 4k pnp to get to 100hz w/ freesync

Yes, I would like to see a best for the buck monitor roundup…


Looks good to me but I like IPS monitor than VA.

Wendell the Wise! You are my hero, but good sir, where might your color profile be located?! =D