Crossfirex on AsRock Extreme4 (tripple slot GPU)

In my upcoming (and first) build im going to get a  7970 Direct CU2 top, which is a tripple slot GPU and as upgrade later on i want to buy a second one for a crossfire setup. im going to get the AsRock Extreme4 Z77 with a 3750k.

would this work on this MOBO (Bus speed wise and cooling wise) or should i just get the 7970 from MSI? and also, would an AX850 80+ gold be enough to power the 2 cards?

whole build, tips are greatly appreciated.

CPU: 3750k Intel

GPU: HD 7970 ASUS directCU2

MOBO: AsRock Extreme4 z77

Case: CM storm Styker

RAM; Corsair vengeance 2*8gb 1600MHz 1.5v

Monitor: ASUS VE247h

CPU cooler: CM hyper 212 Evo

SSD: Adata SX900 128Gb


get the sapphire 7970. the best out there. a tri-slot really blocks out alot of slots, and puts unneeded physical strain on your pcie slots

thank you, but ive heard that the sapphire card makes a lot of noise, whereas the ASUS and MSI ones are pretty quiet.

no, not unless your doing a burn-in, and even then, it's not that bad. I've actually been near a righ using one during a burn-in, and their not that noisy

actually, it seems like a really good card, thank you for opening my eyes :D.

do you by any chance know anything about the PSU and crossfirex issue/question?

what do you think of the Vapor X version, its like 10 more euros...?

I recomend xfx or seasonic, and a 750W should be enough. 850 os you want a little extra buffer room

Crossfire has really bad driver support. Just doesnt work very well. PSU need probably about 650w or 750w if you plan on OCing alot. A 650W 80 plus gold should probably work for crossfire setup no problem.

ummm... they only make 1 7970 that i'm aware of. the ghz edition is a pre-overclocked version. otherwise, it's the same card

that is true, for xfire, at least, but he's starting with a single card. and 80-plus really don't mean much, as long as it's at least bronze. getting a platnium vs a broze really make no difference.... and for xfire, it's good to have some room for periphrials and other stuff that draws power

It does make a difference if you dont like wasting energy for no reason.

ummm, the thread u linked me to basically says that you save less than $20/year at 8 hrs/day. so, unless it's a server, there's no point to paying more for anything above bronze. that said, if you find a higher rated one at the same or lower price, go ahead and get it.