CrossFire Trouble

I'm asking you guys today if anyone else has had problems running BF4 in crossfire because I know I should be getting over 100+ Fps with all settings maxed out, but I'm having dips from an avg 75~80 fps whats wrong?

Uggg, drivers. I have 2 r9 290's and experience the same thing in crossfire. Can't wait for the 14.** driver to come out of beta, I still can't install 14.3

Crossfire or SLI?  Your profile shows you have two GTX 660 Ti.  If you are still running 660Ti SLI, it looks like you're getting exactly what you're supposed to based on the benchmarks I'm finding.

Oh ya thats right I forgot to update that, my current build now includes a 7970 and a 280x in crossfire.