Crossfire R9 390 or single GTX 1070?

I've had a Crossfire 290 setup for a few years now and I would recommend going with a single GPU setup. I've come across many games that don't have mutli-GPU support at release and when they finally implement it, I've already moved on to a different game. It is really frustrating when you have to disable one of you cards because a game runs like garbage.

AMD profiles makes it easier to customize each game but still I would recommend spending the extra cash on a higher end GPU than getting two lower end models.

For my next upgrade, I'll likely save up and get a high end card and then maybe a few years down the line pick a second card, if it's cheaper than upgrading to the newest released cards.

as a former xfire 6850 user and a current r9 290x user i would say go crossfire if you dont play all the newest games at release. if you do then get strongest single card for the games that you will be buying and currently play. also take into consideration your resolution and refresh rate of your monitor. if gameing on 1080P 60Hz monitor you dont need anything more than a 390x at stock or OCed 390. going higher to 1440P 60HZ a fury or 980TI would be the most you would need. going to 120HZ and above at 1440P possibly an OCed 980TI ( dont game on 1440P so i dont know i am a filthy 1900x1200 75Hz gamer

Well, not to be mean or anything, but opinions are like a**holes- everybody's got one. :-p

As such, here's my a**hole, erm, opinion: I'm in the sort-of the same situation but with a NVIDIA GPU (980Ti). I just picked up a 43" 4K monitor and gaming on it taxes my GPU somewhat unless I turn down the settings. Anyway instead of going out and spending a bunch of money on a new gen GPU, I'm going to pick up a second 980Ti now that prices are no longer $600+.

I suggest picking up a second 390 when prices drop.


If you could, I would get a rx 480 at launch.