Crossfire R9 390 or single GTX 1070?

As the title states... Would it be better to Crossfire R9 390 since I already have one R9 390? Or sell it and get a single GTX 1070?

I normally game on 5760x1080...


I would say go for GTX 1070 since these features will come in handy for your multi-monitor setup.

Simultaneous Multi-Projection Engine

Less power draw meaning you can probably keep your current PSU and less heat compared to two 390s. Also, better overall memory architecture which is going to come handy in multi-monitor resolutions.

The only problem is trying to sell a 390 wouldn't give much back since RX 480 is almost out, and GTX 1070s are out of stock or whatever left of it is being price gouged.

Rinax89 did you already check this out?

I am leary......I would rather deal with known facts than a bunch of promises and unknowns ! (IMO).
I own 6 390,s and 390X, and I am quite satisfied. No they are not perfect ! NVidia are certainly not perfect.
Power means wattage and amps, and therefore heat ! A 12 cylinder will make more noise than a 4 cylinder...(amd being the 12 of course).
lots of writing ........
Not perfect but perfectly functional and quite satisfactory for 4k gaming !

Cool story bro, but this thread ain't about you or your confirmation bias.

  1. cf support is not great, and the 1070 overclock much much better then the 390, you would not have to replace your psu, and the multi projection engine is amazing. the 480 is nice but the 1070 is nicer. a water cooled 480 might be able to compete with a 1070, but you would have to wait and the 390's value would plummet, and you still wouldnt have the projection engine.

Eyefinity does work better than Surround Vision. If you can wait for the price drop on the 390 it would be cheaper to buy a second one with a 1000w PSU, depending on what you can find after the 480 hits. If prices don't look great after that go get the 1070. Maybe, the supply issues will be worked out by then.

Edit: Crossfire really is only an issue during launch week so if you have to have a game fully working launch week then CFX isn't for you

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Wait for RX 480 reviews to come out, and then compare the performance of one RX 480 to a Gtx 1070. Then compare those two and buy with that information in mind.

touchy ! just wanted to share, if you don not like, do not read it !
edit 1 = I do believe that the experience of 6 cards in different rigs, and combination, are worthwhile info and not a fiction story ! (IMO)

while it appears great, no1 actually shown it to work... or reviewed it.

It looks great, but i'm guessing nvidia still has plenty of issues with multimonitor setups.
(either way in amd you can set up tilt of render)

A more sensible approach, however, recent information revealed RX 480 with 32 rops vs GTX with 64 rops. I think 1070 will be the superior card for higher res. Unless, of course OP buys two RX 480 instead of 1070 which will be a cheaper option in light of the current price gouging of Pascal cards.


You're asking OP to get a bigger PSU and dump more heat into their room? I have one R9 290x under an H80i GT and even I can admit it's miserable of a TDP that I would recommend a better card over it.


One can only assume it's a game specific support, and we all know how aggressive Nvidia is with pushing their proprietary features to developers. If we can give AMD a benefit of a doubt in light of their 32 rops of the RX 480 because they have GCN 4.0 and Primitive Discard Accelerator, and I we can do the same for Simultaneous Multi-Projection Engine.

I still would recommend waiting regardless. Even if all it means is that maybe the 390's get put on a slightly higher discount as soon as RX 480 reviews come out. Who knows, maybe two Rx 480's will be a better solution than a single 1070. Certainly there should theoretically be more power there, its just a game of waiting and seeing if the driver support will make sure that the power is utilized effectively.

Three monitor setups never appealed to me, partly because of the borders and also because of the weird perspective thing on the left and right display. Granted, the perspective thing seems now to be addressed by nvidia. But I still think you have a better experience with a single 21:9 ultrawide. 3440 by 1440 is pretty much the same resolution so you would remain the same performance.

As for cards right now: do nothing! Everything can change in weeks at this point.

Just hold out for the 1080ti and Vega cards man

the multi-projection stuff needs to be put in on a game by game basis

I ventured in the 3 40 monitors for eyefinity, and finally went back to a single 40, as for the future it is everyone's imagination, with the belief that our horse will be the leader !

( ་ ⍸ ་ )

I'm confused.

Thanks for all the feedback!

I am still a bit torn between crossfiring or just get another single card solution.

But as most of you said, I guess it is best to see how the market pans out after the 480 comes out to make a more solid decision.

According to AMD crossfire is dead in the butt more or less. Some developers MAY include mutliGPU support in the future with DX12/Vulkan. Crossfire is mostly there for AMD to show that they can achieve high FPS with low end cards, the tech hasn't been worked on/improved for many years now.

(mostly because Crossfire has major compatibility issues with newer rendering/lighting techniques that apparently cannot be resolved)

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An extensive comparison of SLI and Xfire has been done by PCPer last year, and the conclusion was that AMD was better in scaling, avg. FPS, and frame time pacing.

But what about that direct AMD and NVIDIA comparisons? Despite what we might have expected going in, the AMD Radeon R9 Fury X actually scaled in CrossFire better than the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti. This comes not only in terms of average frame rate increases, but also in lower frame time variances that result in a smoother gaming experience. In several cases the extra scalability demonstrated by the Fury X allowed its dual-GPU performance to surpass a pair of GTX 980 Ti cards even though in a single GPU configuration the GeForce card was the winner. -source

The only thing the beat them was architecture, and, last but not least, clockspeeds. Whatever AMD threw, Nvidia would just decimate by clockspeeds. AMD's architecture didn't really hit its efficiency peak in DX11 right away and their cards didn't OC as much which is why they did better stock per stock but not OC vs OC. However, since DX12 and Vulkan is now a reality, AMD's card can better hit efficiency peak and their smaller node does OC really well, based on leaks anyway. We'll really see this as soon as id Software gets their shit together and just release the Vulkan patch for Doom 4 already.

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Just an expression, with respect to both AMD and NVidia racers, with either, we always wish to have the best !

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