Crossfire R9 280x

Hi guys! I recently purchased a MSI R9 280x and it's been giving me awesome performance however, I'd like to get a steady 60fps on ultra with most games. That being said, I'm thinking of buying another R9 280x and putting it in crossfire. 

I'm wondering if my PC will be able to handle the two GPU's and if I'd see a significant performance increase. 

Here are my PC specs.

AMD 8350 @ 4.0ghz 

MSI R9 280x Twin Frozr 

Asus m5A99FX r2.0 

8GB of DDR3 1600MHZ

Corsair HX 750 (750W)


Thanks guys, appreciate the help!


Hey dude,

I have 7970's in Crossfire and I can tell you that CERTAIN GAMES see a better FPS increase than others. BF4 sees a really nice increase from Crossfire. You will usually see at least a SMALL increase in games without a 'profile' for Crossfire to use (I just tick the box that says use Crossfire without a profile) and in the ones with optimization you can see almost a doubling of FPS. 

Thanks for answering man! When you say "tick the box" is that in MSI Afterburner or another program? Appreciate the help! Oh, and do you think my system will bottleneck it? 

That box is in Catalyst Control Centre under the "Crossfire" tab.

As well, your system will not bottleneck 2 R9 280x!  BTW, you can see a nice ~10% fps improvement on the 8350 with an OC to 4.6ghz. It's doable with your mobo I think, are you just using stock cooling?

Awesome! Yes, I'm just using the stock cooler. Might try to OC it when I get a new cooling unit. I'll start shopping around! :)

Thanks again Beezleybuzz, you're a great help :) 

wel. keep in mind. fx 8350 is 125 watt. 280x can pull 300wattsx2 is 725. hdd + fans. it is tricky. you may blow your pc up. and oc a fx 8350 is 140-170watt? fx 9series is 5ghz and is 220tdp.

and yes a 100% load 280x uses 300watt.


if you want 60fps, just put aa of. or lower it. but if you have 2x280x it will be awesome and you can turn the scaling up.