Crossfire R9 270X

So I recently built a pc. Its running great :) Except for one thing. Some games seem to lag a little. Skyrim (heavily modded) runs at about 20FPS. So I'm like hey, why dont i crossfire. However ive been looking into it and they say Skyrim doesnt run so well with crossfire. Thoughts? What should i do?


PC Specs:

AMD FX 8350


Asus R9 270X


If you need to know any other specs just say the word. But i figured thats all youd need to know.

Thanks in advance. :)

Whoever told you skyrim has issues with crossfire is very right. However to be specific, the game doesn't have issues with crossfire, the ENB's have issues with crossfire. My PC was originally a crossfire 270X setup. the issue with Skyrim, is when the ENB's are running when crossfire is on, the ENB DOF (Depth of Field) effect is displayed twice on the screen for some reason (this issue doesn't happen with SLI which says alot about what hardware the game is optimized for). but this is why the screen is blurry on crossfire setups. to remedy this, if you want to run crossfire with ENB settings you have to disable DOF in the ENB settings.

Overall, if you are doing 1080P gaming i wouldn't recommend a crossfire setup, in all honesty i myself was an idiot, i didn't have the knowledge i have now, i probably would of got a GTX 770 if i knew better at the time. but don't do what i did and get crossfire for 1080P gaming. If you want a worthwhile upgrade grab an R9-290. I have 150+ mods and an ENB on in skyrim and i get about 55+ Frames at 1080P.

Cheers for the quick reply :) Its actually for my friend. I recently built him a pc, i thought the 270x would be more than capable for what he wanted, and a good starting point to welcome him to pc gaming. Ill let him know your thoughts and we'll take it from there.

I agree, cross firing that card not worth it. Live with it or buy a r9 290