Crossfire r7 vs upgrade r9

Sup guy first of all, tks to stop and read this.

Well im in a big dilema cause i want to play the best games in the best quality possible BUT I HAVE A BUDGET, i alredy have a amd 8350 and 16 gb ram thats ok but the gpu its whats gonna make my game.


ok the question is, How much of a difference is of a standar R7 260X CROSSFIRE ($120*2)  or  a single R9 290 ($500)?. Does i relly need to spend lot to play in ultra or only with good thinking and get the most of the last technology of gpus?

by the way im from mexico all that involves taxes from usa, mex and shipping!!! 

thanks guys apreciate ur time.






i would go with the r9 but good luck finding any at  that price right now. recently the r9 290x sold for almost 1000 bucks on newegg.

290 no doubt,later on if you need more performance in the upcoming years you can always add 1more. :)


if you look around on Amazon I saw some Non-Reference Models of An R9-290 in the GTX 780 Price Ranges but they are the Gigabyte and the XFX models.