Crossfire Questions

I just recetly purchased a Sapphire Radeon r9 280x for my pc. I was wondering if I should/could keep my current gpu for my system. I was also wondering if it would benefit my gaming performance as well. 


My system specs:

Intel i5 3570k

Asus P8 Z99-V Pro

Corsair cx600


I would just like to know if my system could run crossfire, and if so, is it worth it to run my system in crossfire.


I think you may not have properly listed your motherboard. You'd need a better power supply for my crossfire. Yes it is hugely beneficial at least with the second graphics card as you can often get 80-90% scaling even if there is some stuttering. If you're really in need of a gpu upgrade i would recommend waiting for the next generation of cards, like i am, instead of buying a second card for crossfire. 

Sorry its z77 not z99 on the mother board motherboard, and my current gpu is a sapphire radeon 7850, would they work together well?


When it works it is glorious, but it does come with some headaches. Not all games support it, you may have to tinker in the registry and you will want a min of 750 watts PSU. If the price is right you can justify the hassle but in a perfect world you would want the best single card you can afford.

No, the R9 280x will run at 7850 speeds. If you want to tinker install the R9 280x as your primary GPU and throw the 7850 in as 2nd but you would probably get better performance with just the R9 280x than you would together.

Alright thanks, ill just keep the 280x as a single card for now.

CrossFire wouldn't work at all with GPUs of different architectures.