Crossfire on x16 and x4

Hello guys , 

I'm new here and liking it quite alot! haha 

So this is my situation, I'm thinking of upgrading my computer and having more performance by adding a second HD7850 card.

This is my current motherboard

It says crossfire ready , but i thought the h77 chipset did not allow crossfire? There is also the issue about x16 and x4: will the performance hit really be that much? 

This is my current graphics card : Powercolour HD7850 pcs+


From my research , it seems the x16 and x4 problem does not matter much . Here's one website:

I know theres the option to sell my 7850 and buy a better single GPU , but I think its rather troublesome to set up the a deal and meet a person irl . 

Thanks in advance! 

Bottom of the article the author commented in the comments that they intend to run new test soon as things have changed.

I went around and found this article that gives a fairly good break down.

pci-e 3.0 x2 has the same bandwidth as pci-e 2.0 x4.

looks like it would have an effect but not on every game. I would still say it's worth while upgrading.