Crossfire my 7850 or sell and buy new GPU?

Just wondering what people think; i've heard that the latest AMD Beta drivers have fixed a lot of the crossfire issues.

Well it depends on what your budget is, if you can get another 7850 I would assume you have enough to get at least a 7950 if you sold your other 7850. Also depends on you build right now and what Motherboard and PSU you have.

Might want to hold off until the 9xxx series of gpus, if you don't mind the wait. Also, it is generally a better idea to not bother with multi gpu set ups. You get more performance, but not all games support it, and some people complain of microstutter.


I've got a Gigabyte GA-990FX-UD5, FX 8320 @ 4.2ghz and a OCZ 80+ bronze 650 watt.


Ok, I might remain patient depending on when the 9XXX series is released. Do you know the aprox' date?

I would just wait for newer GPUs to be released. To be honest, I don´t think the new GTX 7xx series is worth the price.

Trust me, soon enough (in a couple of months), there will be better options available.

If the crossfire issues are mostly fixed, then that´s also a decent and option. But i would do some research on that before buying another 7850.

Not a clue on an offiial release date, but people have been saying in the coming months.

They aren't worth the price? They are cheaper than 6xx series equivalents.