Crossfire help!

ok i have a amd radeon r9280x asus direct cu2 top. i want to crossfire but dont have enough money to buy anther r9 280x can i crossfire it with r9 270x or a r9 270 or maybe in the future a r9 290 or 290x ? 

what im trying to say is which gpu will be compatible with my r9 280x ?ty

It's best to crossfire matching gpus. Not sure how the R9 gen crossfires. Might be able to crossfire fire it with 280. Maybe ? If so then it will down clock the 280x to 280 level. So its in your best interest to go ahead and save a few more dollars and match the gpus up.


Save some more money, attempting to crossfire with non-matching GPUs will result in headache. It might work, it might not. I can guarantee it won't work out of the box easily, and you will end up frustrated. Be patient, and save up some more money.

What is your goals? Cf 280x is for 1440p gaming or 1080p x3 monitor game play.

280x should be fine in 1080p.

I agree with everyone else about getting a matching GPU.

However. If your heart is definitely set on crossfiring with mixed sku gpus, then i'm thinking the 280x could crossfire with these cards. (r9 280, HD 7970, HD 7950, HD 7870xt) 

You got it.

The 280 will not cross fire with the 270 or 290 above and below it but those five GPUs stated should all crossfire. It us worth saying again if they are all identical you will have a better time.

The 270, 270x, 7850 and 7870 should all crossfire aswell. And the 290 and 290x will crossfire. All with in groups will work but not crossing groups.

It's a waste if all you want is 1080p gaming. Scaling won't be as solid with a mix cf setup.


Better of purchasing a r9 290 or 780 and selling the 280x. Cf is better used for 1440 or 1600p gaming. 4k gaming isn't there yet need $$$$ and still to much tearing.