Crossfire Help!

Hi, I've just successfully built my first PC, and it runs really smoothly and everything that you could want from a new build, but looking into the future, I am wondering about crossfire capability. My motherboard has lots of PCI expansion slots (well, two for GPU's) and I was thinking that In the future I may try to crossfire my current Radeon HD 7770 with another of the same model (or similar at least)

The problem I have faced is that on the page, it says that my MoBo had neither regular or hybrid crossfire support. I have done some reading into crossfire, and came across a crossfire bridge. The problem is that I cannot find any definitive guide for crossfiring GPU's online, so I could really use some expert help.

My question is basically; Can I crossfire two Radeon HD 7770's with a crossfire bridge, even though my MoBo doesn't support regular or hybrid crossfire?

Thanks in advance for any replies :D


I really wouldnt bother xfire'ing 7770's. The board's second pcie lane is down to 4x, so you'll take a decent hit if you do get it going. Easier to just sell that card and put the extra cash towards a better card - cheap 7950, 7870xt, gtx760 etc. Or if you really, really want xfired 7770's, grab a better board with better pcie lanes (8+8 etc).