Crossfire help? Enable/Disable ULPS HELP!

Hi everyone! I have 2 sapphire radeon hd 7950 boosts in crossfire. I've been having trouble getting AMD CCC to register my second graphics card. Crossfire worked for a while but now it doesnt? When I'm playing bf3/4 ill minimize the window, check AMD CCC and it'll show my main gpu that's connected to my monitor at 95/100% activity while the second gpu will show 0% activity or inactive. I've read forums talking about ULPS and when I check my regedit, it already has the value of 0. Help please!

What version of catalyst are you running?

Are you using Sapphire Trixx? 

Are the cards in the recommended slots for crossfire as shown in the mobo manual? 

Which specific cards are you running? (number or newegg listing because there are 2 or 3 that list boost)


When you pop out of the game it shuts down the one card... Even if you run a game in windowed mode, Crossfire no like. 

Use HWMonitor or similar that shows the current usage and the max reported since starting the program. That way you can just check at the end of the gaming session. Also, using MSI afterburner will show a graph of your usage over time. 

currently im runnning the beta version although ive already tried version 13.9

the graphics cards are in the recommended slots and these are the 7950 boosts im running


i didnt know that, but i do run my games in fullscreen.

ill check out HWMonitor