Crossfire HD7870's

Hey I'm a relatively new user here and have a couple of questions. 

Will a 650w power supply be enough for 2 HD7870's (I have a XFX PRO650W 80+ bronze)

And if it is, will my AMD FX-6300 bottleneck it?

Thanks in advance.

First of all the 650w psu should be plenty for Xfire, and secondly I am not one hundred percent sure that the 6300 would bottleneck your gpu's but I dont think it would (please correct me if I'm wrong). The only problem is that you would need a 990fx mobo. This is because the 990 fx chipset that supports more than one pcie 16x in 16x mode. For example that 970 chipset might have two pcie slots but they will run in 16x and 4x, which will bottleneck the gpu's performance.