Has AMD fixed the stuttering issues that were prevalent early on with using both crossfire and eyefinity at once?

Or is nVidia's option still the more stable option? Anyone used either? Both?

Not sure ? The latest beta drivers completely suck for using crossfire. I think the omega drivers worked pretty good for crossfire ( Still a little stutter in some games, tho. ) but i am not sure about eye infinity.

Thanks for the info. Looks like I will have to go NVIDIA this time around.

Using the latest beta drivers for Crossfire (but not Eyefinity at the moment) and it is flawless. Any issues I've had have been attributed to Windows 10 having issues running programs, but nothing to do with the drivers.

For Eyefinity I really haven't heard of issues recently. A friend of mine running 5760x1920 on two R9 290s had some screen flashing problems prior to Omega (14.12) but they were resolved.

I can tell from personal experience that multi-monitor with SLI was pretty terrible. Especially when enabling/disabling SLI for some games, as the screens orientation and/or resolution would sometimes go out of sync and you would end up having to close the game, reset the resolution, then restart the game. That was about a year ago, so I can only hope it's been fixed.

Thats kind of weird. I cant even go into a steams game at all in crossfire. Freeze crash

I would look into completely reinstalling the beta drivers if you are deadset on using them. Otherwise, Omega is still the best driver to be using at the moment. I've tried a couple of Crossfire configurations with the most recent drivers and only a couple older configurations had problems. I still attribute most issues to Windows 10 having problems.

So, conflicting statements. Freak, would you mind trying the omega drivers and see the result? If it helps you, then that's only a plus.

I would like to clarify that my multi-monitor experience with nVidia was with a GTX 690 in Windows 7 around 2013. Perhaps drivers have evolved since then, and of course the story could be completely different for another person with a different platform (i.e. two 780's, two 660 Ti's, etc...).

My recent and current experience with Crossfire and AMD has been with two Radeon HD 6970's (Win10, Omega & 15.3), two R9 290X's (Win7 and Win10, Omega & 15.3), and the oldest configuration was three Radeon HD 5770's (Win7, Omega).

The 5770x3 setup had a lot of issues, which isn't surprising. The 290X setup was rock solid, despite lacking in visible performance increases at 1080p (I no longer had multiple screens at this point, and feel as though the performance gains would have been more appreciable with Eyefinity at the least.) And the final setup I'm actually running at this very moment, two Radeon HD 6970's under Windows 10 Preview 10041 and with Beta 15.3. Again, no Eyfinity, but there have realistically been no glitches or mishaps regarding drivers. Windows 10 has its moments of stupidity, especially when trying to open a modded ARMA III, but the drivers don't seem to be affected in any way.

I did like how Windows 10 found the AMD drivers, installed them, imported the config from the 290X's, enabled Crossfire, and applied the native screen resolution without so much as a restart.

I won't tell you what to buy, but hopefully there's enough information to cement your choice. Whatever you get, enjoy it!

I already know what the result works fine with omega drivers. :) there is some kind of issues with the beta drivers and steam. Well ya know beta drivers?

So, crossfire and eyefinity seem to be stable on omega drivers? Ok. Glad to know they are.

Now, 290 vs 290x... :P

New beta driver for gta 5