Crossfire case

hi guys,

i need a case but i can't find a good one.

price: low as possible

storage: 1 hdd, 1 ssd

gpu: 280x toxic 308mm! crossfire

mobo: m5a99fx pro 2.0

psu: xfx pro 850

cpu cooler: Enermax ETS-T40-TA


really want a window in it.

price: cheap as possible. no mini atx. max 70€. 80$. prices are a bit different. is a good site.

i would personally go for a Sharkoon T28 in that pricerange, but the T9 looks pretty sweet as well. Though if you want to go even cheaper and still have the window, you probably end up with a xigmatek asgard 2 or 3, Which may require you cut a bit out of the drive cages with a saw.

But when you want to use crossfire, all you have to look for is enough airflow in your case. When i was running crossfire and went switched cases (from 1 intake fan to 2) it reduced my load temperatures by 15C. So primarily you want to be looking at cases that have 2 or more intake fans. Removable harddrive cages are also good for installing longer graphicscards.

the thermaltake a31 looks really nice. but the second gpu is a problem. is it hard to cut 1 of the cage out? i have a saw at home. i prefer to have dual fans at the top. and i buy some fans for the front and the bottom next to the psu. i looked for the t9 but it doesn't have the dual fan on top.



The cutting is easy. The harder part will be making it look good because you have a window.

What probably would be a better option is taking out the bottom cage as well. I can't seem to find how it is mounted, so it's probably attached with some rivets. Just drill out the rivets and put your hard drive and ssd on a hotswap bay up in the 5.25" bays.