Crossfire A10-6800K With The Asus HD 7870

So I've decided to crossfire my AMD A10-6800K With The Asus HD 7870. Good idea or are there better options for me on the similar price range?

Also, does this card fit my BitFenix Prodigy and how does crossfire work with an APU and GPU?

You can't crossfire an APU with that card. Richland's highest card to crossfire with isĀ  a 7750. But if, other than crossfire, it should work fine.

So, is there a better performance than using crossfire with this card alone or should I go for the Asus GTX 760 I've been looking at..?

You might want to just get a 7870 and run it alone. Running crossfire with an apu doesn't always boost performance plus the 7870 alone should be faster anyway.


cant you use it in hybrid crossfire?