Crossfire 7870, the good, the bad, and the ugly?

My experience with HIS Products has been outstanding. My HIS 7870 ice Q turbo never seems to fail me; Smooth frame rates, A decent price, and pretty decent overclocking power. But what makes a good graphics card for you, and also in general terms? What features do you look for? Does price really mean power? In some cases, Yes, and in others it does not. The 7870 ice Q has proved its grounds. Save yourself some cash and grab this one while its cheap if you're a casual gamer. It is definitely a good mid range card.

Main things that i would like to know:

  • Is it worth it to add another 7870 to my build for a little more horsepower, or buy a new generation card?
  • Is there any cons to using these cards in crossfire, and if so, what are they? 
  • And lastly, how much of a difference in performance is there? 

I mainly want to upgrade for when Battlefield 4 comes out, and rather than reading a ton of reviews, I thought I'd go ahead and ask for personal preferences and experiences.


Adding another 7870 will improve performance but I personally like a single card better.  Cons 2 cards consume more power and make more heat.  You can also run into driver issues and micro stutter but that usually is only on new releases and are fixed after.  I would say wait until tomorrow to see a few of the new cards and then see what the prices are going to be. 

If you are looking just to run BF4 I think the 7870 can handle that fine at 1080p on high just turn down the AA.  I had a 6870 and that is what I did on bf3 now have a 660ti and I play at like med no AA or motion blur just for the high FPS and visibility 

Yup, its tuff to know what to do with a 7870 right now, The market prices make me angry as a 7950 is as cheap as a 7870 but the market price for the 7870 hasnt come down much. I would wait and see what the next gen brings and the first round of solid benchmark testing has to say.

Yeah, I forgot the new cards come out tomorrow. Although an AMD card is cheaper, in comparison to the power I'd get from two 7870's it may not even be worth it. I'll have to see what they have in store for power! //excited

I hunger for opinions.

From what i gather a pair of 7870s should perform better than all the single gpu cards but a 780 or titan . I have been waiting for them to come down to about 150 160  us. Which would put my gpu cost at roughly 400 us . But if the next gen comes out 300 to 400 card the will beat the performance of a pair of 7870s I am on it .

I think that Crossfire/SLI have too many disadvantages to be worth it. I'm personally completely satisfied with the performance of my HD 7850 and I don't think that next generation games will need more than that.

But that's just my opinion and it doesn't apply to you.

Its got to be easier than sli ing on a amd cpu mb. Crossfire that is.

Agreed. Being that this was my first build, I wanted to save some money, and my amd mobo/processor/card have been doing quite well, which is why I was thinking of adding another one for that extra kick!

But a few weeks from now if it's not overly hard to find the same card, the price should drastically reduce.. or at least I hope it does !

Well these cards were mid to mid high so thats the group i will compare against when they come out . Unless throw something cheap and awesome out there,. I cant wait :)


Of course! That's what I'm looking for as well. I don't need anything too expensive..! :p