Cross platform flowchart application

Anyone have recommendations or flowchart software? Need something that will run on macOS (or just in a browser). Ideally it works on Windows and Linux as well.

Looking at Google Drawings, but that is pretty rudimentary. I’d at least want something that automatically resizes/spaces elements around content. Also looked at Visio but I’d have to talk work into buying me a license and it looks like the web version is kind of stripped down compared to the Windows app.

Use case is pretty general. Right now I need to track a user experience through an application, but would also like to use it for network, UML, etc.

Lucidchart is enough for you?

1 Like seems OK. Used to be


Can recommend

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Ah interesting. I do remember using a long time ago

I can also recommend I use it for MindMapping in my college courses. It works really well, connects to Google Drive super easily, etc.

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