Criticize this build!

So im going to be playing counter strike competitively, little bit of recording/editing/streaming

AMD Athlon x4 760k Oc'd to 4.6ghz

Gtx 750ti Oc'd to 1300mhz evga 

This Mobo: 

some type of 8gb 1600mhz ram

120gb 840 evo

What changes can i make that wont cost too much more then these components that will see a large performance increase in Cs:go?


I mean cs go will basically play on a potato with a gt 210 so I think that should be fine 

You can get an FM2+ motherboard with 4 ram slots instead of 2 for not much more. Allows you to run dual channel memory now and upgrade that easily later on.

Also, I'd grab an R7-265 instead of the 750ti. Just because your a oc'er. Your thinking alittle too small on the gpu side.

You do have a HDD for mass storage, right? At a lower budget you should really prioritize a HDD for mass storage before getting SSD's. Also that build as is could easily handle CS

You think that card will get more performance, especially while overclocking?

YA i have a NAS with 5 3tb blacks, don't worry about it, i have my storage solutions set!

Oh and what about the CPU, will the new g2358 Pentium be good? or something else, because i can overclock the booty off that CPU and CS:GO does prefer more powerful single or dual threaded performance, would that be a good choice?

For the price and the fact that your overclocking everything anyway. Simple answer is, yes. Just keep in mind what you are using for a powersupply.  The 270 will take 2 6 pin power connections.


What about this baby, i am willing to spend more!

I would do it but you may find you do not have enough cpu grunt at times.

Im willing to spend a little more so what cpu would you recommend then, preferably with more powerful single threaded performance 

Give us a budget and any parts you may have or plan on using. I personally cant help you but someone here can. I dont build intel. Athlons was years ago has no place in my builds now.


What is your budget? If you are going to play a lot of competitive FPS then you should invest in 144 hz monitor and good peripherals. You don't need an R9 280 to max out CS GO. A R9 270 or GTX 660 will be enough. Take a look at this build from TechNoob which has a budget of $700 but you can exclude the SSD if you like. Allocate that money for a good monitor.

Its not about maxing out the graphics its about maxing out the frame-rates! That build looks good but im scared that my 760k will get better performance then the 6300fx cpu because it has 4 powerful cores instead of slightly less powerful 6 cores, Or do u think the FX will perform better?

I also meant maxing out the frame rates thats why I recommended getting a 144hz monitor. 760K is a weak ass entry level CPU compared to the FX 6300. If you also play games like Metro, GTA then it may hold your GPU back. 

The 760K is close to the performance of the FX-4300, to put it in perspective. Even overclocked, the 760K can't touch an FX-6300. 

Can you give us a total budget for this build? That would greatly help us help you come up with an ideal parts list.

Alright, the budget is 650$, i already have the storage so don't buy any drives, and put some kind of cooler on the cpu!

AMD option:

Intel option:

Overclocked, that Pentium is an eyebrow raiser. Just look at Tom's Hardware review of the G3258 to see for yourself. Would it be better than the FX-6300? That's a tough call. Running some older games and games that only use 1 or 2 threads/cores, I'd put money down that the Pentium would perform better. But for other, more modern games, and especially if you overclock the 6300, it will be the stronger CPU, overall.