Crew Delay for More Console Testing!

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Thank you Uplay for being stupid. Can we all agree if you playing a car game on a console it's not for a serious reason? Play a racing game on console, and have kids going fast smashing into you, and screaming, and making "trolling" videos for youtube. 

I'm not trying to be thick, but I like my car games, and there's a shortage of them. The crew had a PC beta test for a week. It was littered with bugs, laggy, but was fun. Yes, I know it's a beta, it's meant to have bugs, but some of them made features of the game not possible to access. I could go on and rant, but Uplay I guess.. And also they guy behind the game is a casual console player. I just don't know what they are doing.. Some of the bugs for PC in the beta, where not just bugs. Nobody liked the way the cars handled, or the way they did cockpit cam. Those are big things we should get another go at before they release it, and it's still bad. Sorry if it's a bit biased, consoles are not my thing, they annoy me. 

Well I have been waiting for a racing game with tons of customization options since NFS: Underground 2 and Most Wanted (2005). If Uplay is required to play this game, then that is a deal breaker for me and will boycott their upcoming games.Can you share your experience with "The Crew"?

I hate uPlay above and beyond most people, but from playing the Beta of The Crew I am willing to work past it. 

This game is seriously good.

But delayed? Well that is a great assurance to the people who preordered it. And the last beta was console only, completely leaving PC out when there was issues after.the last beta. Now there is no way to tell if the last issues were fixed or not.

This is disappointing.