Creative xfi 5.1 pro usb vs alc898

Hey all,
I need some advice I have recently been looking for a sound card for my rig as even at 100% volume my motherboard on board audio is just not loud enough.

I basically mostly need decent audio for driving my gaming headphones.

My motherboard is an asrock z77 extreme 6 with alc898 on board audio and recently I found a creative xFi 5.1 pro usb sound card in a store which here in deepest darkest Africa is a rare find indeed.

Anyway my point is will the creative usb sound card be any better than the on board audio from my mobo?

I know my headphones can be driven much louder as I have plugged them into a buddy's amp/dac and was only able to handle maybe 60% volume comfortably.

Any advice would be appreciated before I drop any cash.

Your question completely depends on what headphones you are using and for what purpose.

The other issue is price. If this thing is expensive, then I can tell you right now to forget about it. It just is not worth it.