Creation of a futur build

Hi, in advance sorry for my english i'm french ... anyway,i'm willing to build a pc gamer (only for gaming besides of course surfing web etc ) and i'm really confused on what to choose,as you know the next gen is here and with it games will be very likely much more demanding than the last gen in the futur,what do you think i should buy (cpu+motherboard+ram+graphics card) to always be able to play games fluently without much compromise in graphics quality ?

you should also know that my budget is very restricted,wich mean that here in france,i got two choices,getting an I5 with 8gb of ram and a descent motherboard and run it with my old HD5870 in order to get more money for a new graphics card (like a GTX760 but not more,i'm only playing at Full HD and that doesn't bother me if i disable AA) OR as for the second choice,getting an I7 with also same motherboard and ram memory but i will stick for a very long time with my HD5870?

you must understand that i'm a student and these things are very expensive here,thanks anyway for you futur advices.

PS:AMD FX processors are not possible choices for me because they're not available here (pretty much the same price on the net as I5 and I7 so...).

If you're just gaming, an i5 and 8GB of RAM and a better video card would be the better option.

Games dont use hyperthreading so getting an i7 over an i5 (for gaming purposes) is pointless. Get the i5 and the 760. 

understood and thanks for your interest,but let me explain it more,as you know next gen consoles have 8 cores cpu besides of a descent graphics card,and when i will build my pc i don't wanna bother myself changing componants every 6 months,one,it's expensive,two,i wanna build a pc that will last at least 2 years and hopefully will support games that will come out these years,so my question is,a Quad Core I5 will still be able to hold futur games descently without changing the GTX760 or should i buy the I7 now(8 cores with the hyperthreating),having in mind that games will be more optimised for multicore cpu's?

i hope i'm clear : )

i7 has 4 cores, with hyperthreading to have 8 threads.  They don't have 8 cores.

The i5 will last at least two years.  I'll be surprised if it didn't.  Most of your gaming will rely heavily on the GPU, as that is what processes everything you look at.