Creating a Website

I am creating a website and i have never made one before. I need help, what programs, or sites should I use to help me create the site? This is the site I am taking control over and remaking to give you an idea of what it will be used for.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

If you know nothing about making website squarespace is meant to be quite easy and look good. I am planning to use it myself in the new year to make a site for my shop. I think at 1 stage it was mentioned on the tek with a promo code but I could be wrong. Is a great place to start learning if your not experienced with Web programming. HTML/CSS is the place to start if you've never done it before. 

If you are asking about a hosting provider, I would recommend NearlyFreeSpeech (, especially for something small-scale. However, NFS does not support ASP, which the site you reference seems to be using, so you would probably need to find a Windows hosting provider.

If you are talking about what programs you need to edit the webpage, you just need a plain text editor, something like Notepad++ on Windows (, or TextWrangler on OS-X ( If you're using Linux you probably know a better text editor option than I do for your distro.

If you don't know how to make a website then you should probably search for tutorials for XHTML / HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Although the site you reference really doesn't use Javascript, you should still probably know the basics before messing with it.


In short, please elaborate as to what sort of help you need.

 that site isn't even html compliant...they are mixing xhtml self-closing tags too...

the head has an ID attribute, which is not allowed under any of the html versions. also, they are still using html 4.01... time to move to html 5, people...

it's an obvious cookie-cutter template from a cheapo web designer. that, or it's whatever CMS they're using... or both.

 nuke it from orbit and start over.

squarespace should suit your needs just fine.from what I can see, squarespace supports pretty much anything you could/should need in a website... although ASP likely incurs it's own fee due to the need to be hosted on windows. and I think squarespace has a CMS built-in, but the site won't look as generic as the current one.

but please, for the love of god, keep it reasonably HTML5 compliant.

also, don't use tables to style page elements unless you really need to, CSS is so much better. if need be, keep whatever css styling needs to change in the head. it will make your life so much easier when you need to change the styling.

I would also drop ASP, and convert to JS and PHP, for my reasoning above.

as for programs... dreamweaver is probably the easier route. otherwise, I personally use notepad++, with the site open in firefox on another screen. the firefox dev tools are really nice, and chrome's tools are just... not as nice.

and, actually, looking at a squarespace-hosted site right now, you actually could probably use the squarespace CMS without issue... but beware, it looks like their custom fonts may have problems with changing urls. minor issue. it looks like you can use at least custom css alongside some predefined stuff. looks pretty nice to me.

BTW: I looked at the html source for the squarespace homepage... it's... beautiful.. lol

  1. For the most part it uses XHTML self-closing tags except for some <br>'s here and there.
  2. There's also a missing </p> on line 188.

I would recommend writing it as a polyglot XHTML5 / HTML5 page though; it helps enforce good habits such as #1 consistent tag closing, and #2 properly closing your elements.

Sidenote: Any idea why the squarespace source has so much whitespace?

for a starter i would suggest using artisteer if you are just trying to look good and dont need scripting. Otherwise use wordpress cms.