Creating a point 'n click adventure game (recruiting!)

Well I'm making a point and click mystery/adventure and I'm looking for some people to be apart of this project, we would be using the AGS game engine. I'm looking for one more programmer, two artist, and sound artist, the game would hopefully have HD 2d graphics with a pretty awesome 8-bit retro soundtrack. Right now I'm working on the story and when we finish the game hopefully in under a year we would get the game on steam for like $9.99 USD each person who worked on the project will get their share of the profits.

Here is the link to the game engine website:

-Knight A.K.A Kyle

I might be interested in contributing to the soundtrack, I'll send you a message. 

Awesome just epic it would really benefit the project!

What kind of developers are you looking for?

Any that can help also anyone that wants to help on the soundtrack the file needs to be .ogg can't use .mp3 because of licensing crap.

First of all, you can easily convert .wav, .mp3, .flac, and such to .ogg, and secondly, what languages are you looking for in developers. If the game is being made in Java, I'm out.

Must likely #c/c++