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Creating a network bridge causes the host to loose connection


Hello there,

it’s my first post and i’m not a native english speaker so sorry if I do any mistakes.

I have a problem with my linux bridge, which i use to get network access on my virtual machine. I wrote a small script which handles the creation of the bridge:

sudo brctl addbr br0
sudo brctl addif br enp35s0
sudo ip link set br0 up

If I run this on my machine, it looses connection instantly.
Using the bridge from the virtual machine is working, so only my hostmachine is affected.

“ip address” reveals, that the bridge and the network interface got the IP
Additionally, the bridge got too, which seems to be the currently running virtual machine.

Additional information isn’t at hand at the moment, because i can’t copy the terminalouput from the host inside the virtual machine.

Thank you in advance.


You should configure DHCP on br0 and go online through that interface instead of through enp35s0 after it’s been added to the bridge


Thank you, that was the problem.