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Creating a home network

Hello people,
After hooking up all the PCs required I’d like to connect them all to an Network in order to share Data between them.
Unfortunately I have no idea how that is done in an efficient way. The Network layout (with the name I refer to) should be added as a picture. (WLAN = WiFi)

Required communication:

Octo <> WS 1
Port Forwarding for FreeNASBox

optinal, yet handy communication:

Octo <=> Kazumi <=> PC dad (inlcuding the printer, this already works from Kazumi somehow)
Kazumi <=> WS1WS1 printer <=> Kazumi and Octo

Please let me know if you require PC specs. I left them out to reduce clutter.

Most of the Networking settings are standard, exceptions:

WiFi Setups on both WiFi access points
Port Forwarding for FreeNASBox

Thank you in advance for the support, sorry if I messed something up.



Edit 2: there are no PCs that are forbidden to communicate with others. The more the better basically.

Through some fiddling I was able to bridge the MikroTik Router. That has disabled WiFi though, so I guess I’ll hook up an other one for that.

I’d your wifi interface added to your mikrotik bridge as a bridge port?

not sure what you mean by that: I added all the ports, but I haven’t been able to get the Wifi up again: please be more speceific (I’m a noob at this)

You bridged the mikrotik hap ac lite router, which disabled the wifi. That device has one 2.4G wifi and one 5G wifi. Out of the box configuration has a bridge with lan ports and both wifi interfaces in it, as well as one wan port that’s independent.

There’s no reason why wifi interfaces couldn’t be a part of the new bridge you created and keep working, something is strange.

Can you post the output of /interface export between triple backticks here, or as an unlisted post on one of pastebin websites or as a GitHub gist.

Unfortunately I had to reset the entire configuraton because I couldn’t connect to it anymore (ipconfig showed the ip adress of the UPC router) and I didn’t have the MAC adress for direct access anymore.
However I have now reconfigured everything and the Wifi works. I had to use an other port than Ethernet 1 since it cannot be put into an other bridge than the original one.
I also made an other regular ethernet port (that doesn’t have full access to the network) by connecting two ports together.
All in all very ghetto, but probably working just fine.
software setup:
hardware setup: