Creating a custom Motherboard / GPU

Hello you all

im trying to find the info i need to create my own motherboard, for now only theoreticly, as in on the Computer. And im having troble finding the pinouts of things such as AMD / Intel CPU's and AMD GPU's. Thus i was wondering if you guys have any info that could help me create a custome mothermoard design.

ideal if someone could give me the name or link to a program / plugin for a program were components such as the AM3+ socket or LGA2011 socket are usable in schematics (with pin-Out preferably), as well as ideally the HD6970 GPU from AMD that would be awesome

thanks in advance for the possible feedback

Making chips is impossible unless you happen to own a multimillion dollar fab. The age of enthusiasts creating their own chips in their garages is long gone, I'm afraid.

Judging by the very vague way you're asking for schematics it looks like you won't even know what to do with them.

No, come on.  It's not IMPOSSIBLE to make a cpu...  Sure, it would take years to do all the soldering, and the "chip" it's self would take up an entire room, and would cost a fortune to find/make all the components, and it would probably run around the speed of a 486.  Then you'd still have to make the motherboard and gpu and somehow link them all together...  Never mind.  Lets just call it impossible if for no other reason than to dissuade someone from ever attempting such a futile exercise lol.

Sorry man, I don't think anything like that exists.  Also, there's really no way to practically make a chip based on modern architecture with a soldering iron and a plucky attitude.  Not unless that soldering iron is a width of a human hair and you have REALLY steady hands lol.  

You can use a breadboard along with a gob of wires and various components to rig up a rudimentary motherboard, but it's not going to perform like anything from the last 20 or 30 years.  So if your goal is to build from scratch something that would compete with current PC components, it's just not going to happen.

Do you even know the costs, the resources and the risks of a failed yield when it comes to making a chip? Just think about it, how long did it take Butterfly Labs to make an ASIC?