Creating a backup of my laptop questions


I am going away for 7 weeks and am bringing my laptop with me, I want to create some kind of backup on my 1 TB external HDD which I could leave at home and know that there was a copy of the files on my laptop as the majority are my Uni course related and therefore crucial for me not to lose if say may laptop gets lost, stolen etc.

What is the best way of doing this on windows 8.1? System Image?


Use Clonezilla to clone your disk -> If something happens to your laptop put the disk image onto the new pc/laptop you will be using -> Fix the faulty drivers since the hardware is not the same.

Or you could just manually copy your files to the external disk :)

Start Menu->Maintenance->Backup And Restore -> Create a system image -> follow the prompts

Don't forget to "create a system repair disc"

What are you doing at Uni? Just curious as if you're doing coding or similar you may want to use github for everything, or a similar solution.

Regardless of this, Clonezilla is a decent free option, you've also got options such as Acronis. Do you want a full backup to the point you could restore you laptop EXACTLY the way it is setup to your device, or just files?

This isn't really a great option, honestly Windows Backups aren't consistent in their data or backups at the end of the day :/

I was not suggesting to use Windows Backups but gave instructions on how to create a standalone system image. Imaging software is not the same as Backup software.