Create ISO of Windows XP C: Drive

I am looking for a program that will let me create an ISO of the C: drive with the system running (looking to do this remotely)

I have done some digging around and can’t find anything that runs on XP that will let me image the actual OS partition.

Tried disk2vhd with basically every combination of parameters (prep for virtual PC, vhd, vhdx, etc.) and I get a driver error BSOD in Hyper-V. It wouldn’t work with the Volume Shadow Copy service option. My co-worker says he can make it work if I get him an ISO, so any thoughts? This computer has a very expensive program on it that cannot be moved or upgraded without paying for a new license.

I can always go remove the drive and mount it in my Windows 10 PC and image it that way, but I would like to do it live.

If you have a running system, wouldnt you need stuff in the running system’s RAM as well? Just a thought. I dont know how to do that exactly.

You should use something like Clonezilla. That needs to boot into the system with a live USB to image it from the HDD, I think. I have not personally used it but I would explore that option if I were you.

Not while the machines running, no. Volume shadow copy will only give you a copy of files so you’re going to have to take the machine down if you want something low level.


I knew you could do things like cloning live and programs like Macrium Reflect can make an image in it’s own format.

Hope my IDE drive reader works lol

You can use official ISO tool from microsoft