Create A Windows VM From A Bare Metal Install?

Eh Yo! I got a queshion!

Sorry really wanted to type that.

I have a bare metal install of win 8.1 at the moment and it is giving me issues along with the impending forced Win10 update I am wondering can I take my current install and turn it into a VM.

In my mind I want to install another drive that linux is installed on and leave my windows disks as they are, then set up a VM under linux and more or less say Here these disks have windows on them, make them run in your VM. Is such a thing possible or is it far easier just setting up linux and then creating a VM oldschool.

Yup, this exists. Check out my comment here on this exact question

Damn, thanks. Not I have to figure out what the problem with the current install is.

One thing though. My current Win install is over three disks.

That'll be an issue I think. I don't know if this tool is capable of that, its meant just for a single disk if I'm not mistaken.

If possible I think you'd need to condense it down to just a disk and then image it, you can then restore your redirections and whatnot back to the other drive after? Then again I don't know if that'll be possible as I don't know what you've done