Crazy hot mess of a motherboard

This is really interesting. It shows how much intel chipsets really are compatible with eachother (or arent really different at all depending on how you look at it). Decommissioned server parts reused on a new PCB. It showcases a really open market where laws and regulations that would stop something like this from happening cant get in the way.

also lmao @ that ati logo

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@MisteryAngel would you buy one? :troll:

its not worth the failure rate on the boards is stupid 3/5 my friend ordered have failed in 3 months

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It seems like theres a ton of different variations.

yeah i would still be watching out on failure rates of china boards like these

Yeah, Iā€™m not really interested in buying one but I do think its neat af.

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Haha lol nope they are garbage.

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