Crazy build?

Looking for advice. I’d like to build a single pc, with Linux as host OS, and dedicated gpu for passthrough to gaming/streaming vm. Was thinking about the following hardware and was wondering if anyone had experience with this configuration.

Aorus Master X570
Ryzen 9 5950X
64GB RAM - 32GB dedicated to Windows VM.
6900XT dedicated to host (will probably do some Steam gaming there)
RTX 3090 dedicated to Windows VM (Mostly playing DCS World and MSFS 2020)
Reverb G2 VR HMD
GoXLR connected via USB passthrough to Windows VM
Will probably use OBS for nvenc encoding/recording on the Windows VM and run OBS on the Linux host for streaming via NDI.

It may be overly complicated, however I really don’t want to build a two pc streaming setup, and I don’t want another threadripper.

Can this work or am I fooling myself? I expect I’ll have some crazy sound problems with this config. I’m looking for suggestions.

Should work fine; have considered doing the same myself as I consider switching to linux full time.

Yeah, I’m getting tired of Microsoft nonsense and want to sandbox their stuff for just gaming, 3d printing, gaming and some CAD/CAM work.

What were you thinking about for your build?

I currently run with:

AMD 5950x
Asus Dark Hero x570
Sabrent Rocket 4 Plus 2TB
Asus Strix 3090 OC
Trident Z Neo 4x16 3600cl14 14-15-15-35 @v1.45

Currently selling off the ram at a loss, so I can switch to non-RGB for new theme. Probably switch to the Ripjaw V version of the same model.

Also looking into upgrading storage to Optane or new 176 layer NAND when that hits shelves.

Was thinking I’ll probably hold off till RDNA3 next year; let the new Proton stuff shake out and whatnot, first. Then I’ll just add it to the loop/system.


I’m currently looking into replacing peripherals to more linux friendly ones already and I’ve already looked into what I’d like to do for sandboxing a windows instance for gaming, but not too in rush at the moment.

Hard to justify getting 6900xt just so I can switch to Linux now when I can wait for the big jump in performance in the new arch down the line

My only concern with this board would be if I need to add in a usb controller. That and with the two gpu’s I’d be running x8 x8

Part of the reason I like the Dark Hero is that both of the top two full PCIe slots go straight to the CPU lanes.

PCIe 4.0 x8 is more than enough for any GPU for next couple generations. We don’t see material performance loss outside of error margins using 3.0 x8 today, even, aside from some real edge cases.

By the time 4.0 x8 is not enough, 5.0 will be out, anyway.

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Ideally I’d wait for an X570S based motherboard, but if you’ve already pulled the trigger then it looks fine. :slight_smile:

Aorus Master X570S looks a bit more tempting than the Crosshair VIII Dark Hero X570, seems to be $100 cheaper but same performance pretty much. OTOH, the major advantage to the X570S is passively cooled chipsets, which the Dark Hero already got.

Other than that, solid build.

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