Crashing in games

My computer crashes during games, I thought that I might be because I ran it at a really high setting so I turned it down,  but it still happens. When I restart Windows, it starts searching for a sullution during this I can look at some information and it says its a bluescreen, but i never see a blue screen.

The screen becomes black and I hear a dirring noise (from the speakers) then the sound form the game (and spotify, or what ever else is running in the background) for about 5 seconds, then the dirring noise comes back and stays until I hold down the power button and the computer shuts down. My GPU is also really hot, like 100+ when I play games, any fix for this? My GPU is a GT530, Its a single slot card

Anyone knows ehat can cause this, and how to fix it.

I'm not sure of the exact cause, but your GPU is overheating badly. Remove the heatsink from the GPU, clean off old thermal compound (I used coffee filters and rubbing alcohol), add a little bit of new thermal compound, and evenly fasten the heatsink back on the GPU.

Or, you can get a new GPU. I'd aim for a 7770 or better, assuming the power supply can accommodate. However, I'm not sure this will fix your problem. Normally, when GPU's overheat, they throttle.

It works now, used some Noctua NH-H1 or whatever its called. Great stuff iguess runs at 40 C and only 30-50 % on the fan