Craigslist is not a dead end [current: XFX RX 480 8GB]

irrelevant! IRRELEVANT!!!


So, all the things pulled out. It's better this way. Only about a hundred and twenty pounds instead of three hundred.

I've never had a computer with SIX nine hundred watt power supplies before.

And six jet engines!
just… holy cow. would not want to get my fingers stuck in there.

Interlink module (iiuc, allows you to connect multiple enclosures together) and a KVM… which I can connect to my KVM.


And what's behind the dust covers? ooOOooh fiber channel jacks

And lastly, this thingy, which manages the enclosure. With a little pop-out display.

Proliant BL465c, two Gen 7, two Gen 8. Specifics a few posts above.

Crazy connector. Ha — a micro SD card slot! Makes a lot of sense.

So, I thought this was pretty neat. Here's your hard drive…


Why YES, it's a second hard drive. I'd never seen anything like this. And apparently, neither had the seller, because they advertised this as each blade including only one drive.

Time to open it up.

wow. All that RAM.

All I can think of is that Weird Al song. I've got four hundred gigabytes of ram.

Time to pull more things apart. I knew I bought these crazy screwdrivers for a reason.

aaaand pull a few plugs, and one more screw in the back, slide forward and lift out. Easy peasy.

Here's the magical CPUs. Looking at the fins on those tiny heatsinks, the jet engines start to make sense.

In my excitement and drive for photograpy, I started to slide stuff back into their places. But I should really wait until this is racked, and my son was working late and says he won't help tonight : )

So it'll sit empty until tomorrow, at least. Whew… exhausting day.


Over 100 Gigabytes of RAM? - I know who is not going to swap to disk any more :)

isn't kijiji only canadian though


Despite how manically happy I was when these blades spun up, I began to realize that they won't see too much use in my little home server lab. I have six sixteen-core processors, and RAM to match. Maybe I should be thinking in a different direction.

I'm going to have to do some serious research into this, but maybe I should be looking for a ATX/EATX motherboard that would allow me to turn some of these parts into a new desktop machine. Parting out the extra components could cover most, if not all, the costs.

Looking for Advice.

I'd be running Linux. Would probably virtualize my daily driver and work machines (and others from time to time). I game sometimes but definitely not a lot/seriously (so, this is really not a big concern); workloads are typically programming, a little 3d modeling or video, and just general desktop use. tl;dr: I'm well-suited to "more cores" vs. "more speeds."


I'd want at least two of the Opteron 6378's.

I'd want at least 128GB of the RAM.

I have an old amd gpu that I'd use for the host, and I'd pass my GTX 1050ti through to my primary machine. I also have a 750ti which could conceivably be passed to another machine, though I don't think this would be necessary.

I have several USB3 pcie cards to bring connectivity up-to-date.

I have disks (a few SSDs, 2 4TB HDDs).

Things I'd need to get:

A motherboard, which could handle all of the other specs. So far looks like Asus WS boards would be my best bet, but the one's I've found so far are still fairly expensive… The ASUS KGPE-D16, for example, looks like a pretty good choice, but it's still $400 - $500. I'd rather keep it under $200.

CPU coolers (something like this, maybe).

A HBA card, to offload i/o from the cpus (maybe?).

A case. I like minimal, utilitarian cases. The main design feature would be "can fit an EATX board."

Anyway… I'm thinking about it. Advice is appreciated, especially if you have relevant experience.


Take the opterons and make a 2 / 4 CPU workstation. The boards exist.

As for me my journey will soon start for a new iBook, an apple G5, and some RISC machines.

Woo-hoo! Had to drive an hour, but kept my promise to myself not to pay more than MSRP!


Damn, nice, got an fm2 motherboard with usb 3.1, a a6-5400k, wireless usb dongle, and a 450 watt evga power supply for $80,

Also hell of a necro

Nice! please feel free to post pics, if you like!