Craigslist Deal: Go or No?

Searched local Craigslist, and found 3 ASUS VE246H for sale at $75/piece, though I imagine if I buy all 3, I could get them cheaper. Right now I am using my 42" plasma, which I like, but EyeFinity sounds like a lot of fun, and I can easily see the extra pixels being useful for productivity. For $200, it is hard to pass up, but I am worried about image quality. Not so much about the viewing angles, but about color production and such. I know it won't be to the level of the plasma, but I also have the colors and brightness turned way down on the plasma being that I sit so close to it.

Recommendations? Is it worth it, should I try it, or should I just pass because it won't do EyeFinity justice?

Definitely, if you can get them. 2ms response time, solid colors, and for $200, 3 monitors is hard to beat.

Even if you bought them and sold two, it is a good deal any way you decide to cut it. 

Dang, he only had two left. Lives too far away for me to consider that a deal....