Cracked screen on galaxy nexus

it finally happened, i dropped my Galaxy nexus and the screen cracked.  Its not that bad, it landed on the bottom right corner and thats where most of the damage is, it has to little streaks that run across the bottom of the screen.  Its still annoying though.  I bought it last Decemeber on contract from Verizon, do they do screen replacements on phones and about how much would one cost?

Verizon will almost certainly replace the glass for you, but you'll be paying for the repair, it probably won't cost very much, and you'll have your phone the next day, probably only for $50

Edit: What I'm seeing is that Verizon will charge you $50 to replace the screen (Without Insurance).

Not directed towards you Steven, just a note for others who might read:

As someone who has repaired broken screens on more phones than I can count. While it's usually possible to replace your own screen, I do not recommend it. Usually it's too easy to break something (Front Facing Camera, Earpeice, etc), and air bubbles get trapped under the new glass, so whenever you press on the glass you get a distortion.

Also as another note: Never buy phones on contract, and always buy insurance.

i dont have insurance and if it is infact 50bucks to have it replaced it honestly a releif  i figured it would be 200bucks or so to have it replaced.  i refuse to pay 600 bucks for a phone, even if you buy on contract and want to break it the etf charge plus what you paid for the phone will be the same as buying one off contract so i dont see the advantage unless you forsee yourself breaking contract

I replaced my own glass on my evo and it cost me $31.00 for the glass off the internet also replaced mt daughter iphone 4s glass not hard at all. you can find how to videos on youtube that are very informative and take you step by step. I'm sure it is more than $50 to replace the screen through Verizon.

well as it turns out verizon doesnt repair cracked screens...just got through asking them

I also called several places around town today, cheapest price fro replaceing this screen is $280 :(

buy the screen and do it yourself... .watch youtube videos and you should see how easy it is.