CPU water cooling/Air cooling

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 Ive been slowly getting parts together for my first pc build! ive been doing research for a while and ive seen lots of teksyndicate videos and other heatsink related reviews and such, but im just finally ordering the last components(adata xpg 128gb ssd / win7/ 750w corsair psu) and i have a amd based system but i only have the stock heatsink for my fx-6350 and i wanted to ask you which heatsink i should go with since i want to do a little bit of overclocking, the cpu runs at 3.9 and goes up to 4.1, i only wanted to oc it to 4.3 or 4.4. should i get a air cooler or a water cooler. i dont want to spend a butload of money on one if i dont need to. i saw a cooler master seidon on newegg for 49.99. its compatible with my socket and it looks to be a good investment but would this properly cool my cpu and do you think i could reach those speeds of 4.4 while keeping low temps. i know water cooling typically gets better temps but this heatsink is a single fan/radiator so i was wondering if there are any similarly priced air coolers that preform better OR to just stick with this seidon.



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Oh and im not sure if this is important or not but i'll be using this for applications like blender/unity/camtasia and a crap ton of gaming. i suppose ill also list the hardware i have already, if it helps

the Rosewill Thor v2 (blalck friday sale)

msi 970a-g46

G.skill sniper 1866 ram 8gb(plan on upgrading to 16 or 32 soon)

liteon optical drive

amd fx-6350

plan on getting a Geforce gtx 650ti boost in sli

i also plan on getting a wd black 1tb drive


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for your build you would be better off spending money on a new gpu than really ocing cpu. and i would advise against sli due to the problems sometimes brought along with it.

well i didnt want to spend a load of cash on a gpu, atleast not until im ready to upgrade. the 650 ti boost graphics card in sli does very well and i dont plan on running everything on the highest settings anyway. since i have a very overclockable cpu im going to overclock it a little bit. more or less just needed an opinion on a good cooler that would outpreform the one ive chosen, and at a better or similar price

Get the Cooler master Hyper 212 cooler ... the 6350 doesnt put out a stupid amount of heat and you're not overclocking to the moon. It should do you more than enough and its quite inexpensive ($30 give or take 5 dollars) and compatible with everything and the kitchen sink. Your case is also really great for air cooling since it has huge fans and a lot of them in the right spots.

I second this. The Hyper Evo 212 is a wonderful solution for air cooling, I'm using one with my 4770k right now and the temps are pretty good. I haven't overclocked my cpu yet, but I've yet to see the temps go above 45 degrees under load for several hours at a time; idles around 25-30 degrees (using 3 case fans along side it.)

When you say water cooling, I'm assuming you mean closed loop cpu coolers like the Corsair H series.  In which case, if cooling is your concern, a solid air solution will keep you just as cool for half the price.  The Evo suggested above is a good choice.

yeah, i would go with aircooling. i have an antec 900 case with the fans on minimum setting, and when playing like borderlands 2 all maxed out, the temperature doesn't go above 52C. and my cpu cooler is the standard amd one that came with the processor.

when i'm upgrading to the amd 8350 i'm keeping the standard cooler, but upgrade my case to the corsair 650D (i would like to get the antec 1100 but my pc-store doesn't have them. :( 

Get the Evo and don't look back.  You can save the $$$ to spend on something else or just keep your pockets a bit heavier.  No need to muck about with water unless you're serious about pushing your CPU to it's limit, although it does look pretty cool.