Cpu voltage question

im using a ryzen 5 3600 on a b450 tomahawk board. the 3600 is running at stock, with auto voltage, i heard the auto voltages for these were running kinda high. is there a good manual setting for the 3600 freq and voltage??

I think Linus had a video on that, just search for it on Youtube.

Just try turning it down while running some stress tests, if it works, it works! but i would imagine it can undervolt alot!

i run my 3700x at 1.3v @ 4.4ghz

sounds like you got a golden chip

Tweaking settings and learning what everything do can get you pretty decent clocks, and not just slamming voltage and changing multiplier.

The cpu clock is tightly connected with ramspeeds, so taking the time and getting everything just right should make most people get 4.4/4.3 all core.

Anything above 4.4 took alot more vcore, it passed cb 20 @ 4.5, but needed 1.48vcore.

Could validate cpu speed in CPU-Z all the way to 4.7ghz, but not at all stable to do anything


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you asked about voltage, i answered! if that isnt enough, experiment


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i dont see where you are going with this, i tried to help, now, help yourself

cool, take care.

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