Cpu upgrade

well currently im running a Phenom II x4 965 and i was wondering if switching to a 1100t would it really give my computer a performance boost?

wouldn't be a big boost. Your best bet is to wait for the bulldozer platform to come out

It might be a good boost for things like video and 3D rendering, but for games you wouldn't really see a difference, and from what I've heard the 965 performs better in games than the 1100T anyway.

I agree with Skullabyss. Wait for the bulldozers to come out...if you plan on replacing the motherboard as well anyway.

If you don't want to go the bulldozer route, then you could upgrade other parts of your system. Maybe get an SSD or a new video card or something.

yeah the x6's have to spread the 6MB cache around 6 cores instead of 4, I'd wait til bulldozer

agreed with everyone above. If you're looking for a significant increase in performance, (and wanting to stick with AMD) that should be the new bulldozer cpus from AMD coming out pretty soon. These are rumored to compete with new sandybridge cpus in the market right now.

These may require a new motherboard though depending on the circumstances. (some am3 motherboards are rumored to support the new am3+ with some sort of bios update (unoffically supported by amd))