Is an upgrade from a Pentium D dual 2.8ghz to a Core 2 Duo 2.13ghz (the e6400) worth it? Seeing as the pentium d has higher clock speed and more cache. But im guessing the newer generation core 2 duo has better architecture. Need answer asap.


You pretty much answered the question yourself. The cpu is a nice upgrade, you can still overclock the dual core if you have a nice cooler..

the e6400 is much better, so yeah it would be worth upgrading but if your paying for it why not upgrade more.

Why not go quad core


Only 100 bucks more than a good duo

If i was going 775 this would be my buy.

if looking for cheap processor go to micro center. they even sell i7 for $200.

Seeing as i have a very limited budget and i dont have a i7 compatable mobo im gonna get the e4300 for £60 (most likely attempt a 3.0ghz clock), seeing as my current processor bottlenecks my 4850 alot atm i just need this one to tie me over till i get my new rig, ty for help neway guys.

60 euros! that's a shitload for a e6400. I can get an e8200 or e7400 or better where i live with that kind of money.

60 pounds =/ and wth... the cheapest e8200 i can get is 100-120 pounds and england sucks for pc components and if i ordered from america the 15% VAT + import tax + larger postage costs make it about the same price here. Sucks to be here.

You'd be better off getting the E8400, but if your budget is that limited, yes there will be a nice and very noticeable difference going from the pentium D to the E6400.

Another option is the E7400. 109 USD on newegg, FYI.

Wuts ur mobo tbh?

A shitty almost unknown foxconn p4m9007mb 8rs2h. Yeh i got that when i was only sorta smart about comps and thought 'ITS CHEAP GET IT!'.

TheSickKnowsNoPain:This is the UK =/ we dont get newegg prices

I was gonna get a e6400 but turned out it was second hand =O so im getting the e4500 seeing as its slightly cheaper new and il just OC it.

get a Pentium Dual Core E6300, its 45nm and pretty fast tbh for its price, its like 50 pounds in the UK.
Make sure ur mobo supports 45nm CPUs.

Heh thanks for that xD found out it didnt support 45nm cpu's, since i found a little bit more money i was gonne get a e7200 but that would have been a big mistake. You saved mah!

Anyway im gonna get the e4500 and a coolermaster hyper tx2 fan and OC it to about 3/3.3 seeing as it has a 11x multiplier.

This is just till i have enough for my whole new build but seeing as the new GPU's are out soon id thought id buy a CPU for the time being then just build a new one when i can. Ty for help guys.

You'll probably only get to about 2.8Ghz. My friend has the same CPU, and a crappy Mobo too, expect Asus. Both really cheap shit, when he got it to 3Ghz all his onboard shit stopped working, and that was with an Intel Chipset.

Yours is Via.

Think about it. lol

amd son!

 Processor:  Intel® Core™2 Quad, Core™2 Extreme, Core™2 Duo, Pentium® D, Pentium® 4, Celeron® D processors, Socket T (LGA775)
Or he must change his mobo then.

I checked to see prices... so ive decided to buy a phenom II x2 545 (soo much better than e4500) and a am2+ mobo (will need bios update but thats no problem) Got the phenom oem for £55 and im getting a asrock K10N78M ,i no its another cheap one but it has alot better features comapred to my mobo atm. Comes out to be only about £10 more than the e4500 once i flog off my current mobo/cpu, some1 is bound to be stupid enough to buy ebay stuff.

Thanks for that xD AMD prices ftw.