CPU Upgrade and Case Replacement


Im pretty happy with the parts list but figured id ask so that some one could double check it. Also im planing on doing something a bit strange with this rig.

I also want to get a new case this case in particular but i cant afford it at the moment and with christmass coming up i wont be able to get it untill the new year so my plan is to buy the parts for my rig now and stick it in my current case then in a few months when i have the money for the new case take it all out apart from the CPU and Cooler that i will leave attached to the mobo so i dont have to clean and reapplly the thermal paste.

Is it a good idea to move the mobo with cpu and heatsink attached?

yeah, it's fine, even suggested oftentimes, especially if yer gonna do it anyways

Yes its fine. Reapplying Thermal paste every so often doesnt hurt though, can improve your temps. (Over the course a year)

You can get a way better motherboard for that price, that motherboard is trash. Go with a MSI z77 G45

^ I agree with this nigga.^

What makes the mobo trash or is it just personal preference toward msi?

Well there is no north bridge heat sink, poor build quality and bad reviews too.

sweet thanks for the feed back.

no heatsink... ewwwwwww

It has a heat sink over the north bridge its the heatsink with gigabyte on it perhaps you mean the MOSFETs?

The gigabyte has a tighter pcb, low temp mosfets and all solid capacitors why do you say its poor build?

I cant find any bad reviews please provide links.

MSI > Gigabyte in this case, just accept it.

tighter pcb, low temp mosfets and all solid capacitors-> marketing propoganda

That Fractal case you want to get is a good one, and sorry i you don't want my opinion lol just offering up some friendly advice man. I have lots of experience with all different types of computer hardware.

thanks for the feed back. i am fine with personal opinion like if you had one of these boards and it blew up but if its just personal bias agenst gigabyte as a brand or toward msi then i dont. personal bias is fine every one has them but its important to recognise them and not portray them as fact.

I understand completely, and I've worked with both along with asus asrock evga foxconn and a few other vendors edit: I actually like gigabyte too just not that one haha

tighter pcb, low temp mosfets and all solid capacitors-> marketing propoganda