Cpu temps

hey, I've got an fx8350 on a sabertooth 990fx I've got it running on asus optimal @4.3Ghz at idle its at about 31-37 C when I ran prime 95 it went up to about 63-65. Are those temps good? I was thinking of upgrading to a corsair h100i, will that make a big difference? (I've got pretty good airflow in my case, full tower and noctua nt-h1 thermal paste)

which cooler are you using right now?

those temps are to high, for just 4.3ghz

im using corsair h55 with noctua thermal paste

im actually thinking of upgrading to a h80i do u think its a good idea?

Are you reading the socket temp or the cpu temp? (allso a H55 is worse than most cheap air cooling units)

socket, yeah i know but i didnt when i got it, i was just getting into this stuff...