CPU temps

Before friday my temps would not go past 40 degrees, and idled at about 37 degrees, but now my core 1 has started to go to 50-54 degrees, not even under 100% load just on the desktop. Whats happening here, need new thermal paste? I am using the Zerotherm Nirvana (using thermal paste it came with as I cant afford AS5 at the mo) or should I re-install the heatsink?

Check your heatsink, and fan. Make sure the fan is spinning as it should, and that your heatink is tightened and making full contact with the CPU.

Turn fan speed to 100%

[quote]Turn fan speed to 100% [/quote]

fuck yeah

reinsatll and turn to 100 enjoy your overclocking ability now. this is what the titan Cool-Idol is for way better.