CPU temps

What are good idle temps for the cpu? mine run at a high of 37 to low of 34 at idle.

What CPU and heatsink do you have?

I know that Intel Ivybridge CPU's run a little hotter than the other ones , with a stock cooler I had about 35-38c on idle and about 65c on load.

Also, what are you ambient temps like? My cpu runs as cool as 25c on days when the temps outside are about 25-30c, and gets as hot as 35-40c on idle on hotter days.

When my room temp is about 70°F my i7 2600(non K) overclocked to 4.2GHz stays about 32°C to 38°C with the Hyper 212 evo on it. Might also help that I have the monsterous HAF X blue edition with all then fan slots loaded up.