CPU Temps, which one?

What are the correct CPU temps, RealTemp, HWInfo or HWMonitor. Which one is the most accurate? Why are they all different…

There is a certain delay with all programs as they pull the info from the sensors, in some it can be configured like HWiNFO, hence you could get different results from various programs.
RealTemp hasn’t been updated in forever so I wouldn’t hold my breath for accuracy with newer Intel CPUs.
I found that HWiNFO has the most accurate information for my cases until now.

You probably only care about CPU Package temperatures. The others are interesting details but there’s not usually anything you can do to affect them.

I believe CPU Package is used for thermal fan control. It should be the temperature at the surface of the CPU.

I think you can look past any other program beside HWiNFO64.
All the other are either not updated or straight up garbàge (with a french accent).
Also you can figure it out depending on your cooler and CPU settings which report is the more accurate.

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