CPU temps running high

Hi guys, finally built my first pc last night and it's running great, except at first I had applied to much thermal paste after switching out cpus (had to update the bios with one of them) and then my CPU temps dropped down to 30-40 C on idle. 

Turn it on this morning and i'm running 55 C on idle and it was jumping up to 80 under load.
I went and turned my CPU stock fan to turbo and my Case fan to turbo settings. I feel that another of the issues on my cooling could be that my I/O panel would just accept my motherboard for some awful reason and I just went without it.  Just wanted to check with you guys on how I can improve the temperature right now.
PS sitting at 55 C 

What's your cpu / stock cooler? What motherboard?  Did you change to 'Turbo' in UEFI?

What's your cpu vcore and frequency in UEFI and cpuz? Are you using auto, fixed, else voltage settings in UEFI?



A pentium g3258 with an intel Cereleon Stock cooler, Mobo Asus h81m-e and I did change to turbo.

 Currently in Core Temp my Frequency is 798 and it's sitting at 52 Degrees in core 0 and 53 in core 1

The intel stock coolers aren't terrible on their own, I ran one back on my very first computer when I was 14 but if you turbo it and try to overclock, or even a stressful program on that old dual core intel would jump up to 75 degrees. So maybe check the thermal paste again (or if you over compensated with to little) 

I went in and spread the thermal paste with a q-tip and now i'm sitting at 35 and 34 degrees and I have the first borderlands running aswell. I guess that helped