CPU Temperature Help?!

So I just installed an new MSI G45 Gaming motherboard and powered up my machine. I was in the BIOS, not tweaking or OC'ing or anything, just trying to get a handle on the layout of it all and I noticed my CPU temps were hovering around 75-80 degrees. When I restarted the machine, there was a message along the lines of 'OC genie is running', and this time in BIOS, my temps were hitting 98 degrees! I immediately powered off the machine and am scared to turn it back on. Anyone else use this mobo and have a similar problem?

Here are my specs:

MSI G45 Gaming mobo

Intel 4670K (with standard intel fan. I also applied thermal paste)

Corsair RM 650 PSU


Kingston 120GB SSD Now

WD 1TB Caviar Blue

Samsung DVD/RW

Any help would be much appreciated.


Ahem...it appears my CPU fan was pretty much hanging off. How embarrassing.

that and your using a stock cooler, which I highly recommend not doing any OCing on.